Defense Electronics

The category of Defense Electronics is a diverse and specialized segment within the aerospace and defense industry. The many mission critical applications help drive the need for leading edge and reliable technology to protect our soldiers on and off the battlefield. ADI provides a diverse and proven portfolio of superior signal processing technologies designed to help the system designer develop their application with minimal risk.

  • Enhanced Vision
  • High quality enhanced vision systems are critical to the defense and aerospace markets.  Applications such as gimbal mounted surveillance cameras for aircraft and night vision goggles for soldiers require leading edge image capture, video processing and high speed data link technology. ADI has a broad range of high speed and precision products to meet the demands of this market as well as providing comprehensive technical support to system designers. More...

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • The demand for UAVs is more prevalent as their adoption by government defense programs as well as civil use applications is rapidly increasing. As traditional ISR applications give way to a combination of ISR and strike capabilities, the potential sub-applications that may be placed into the payload of a UAV continue to expand. Analog Devices is uniquely positioned to provide best in class technology solutions in the areas of gimbal control, imaging, radar, avionics, data link communications, and MEMS based sensor technology for navigation. More...

  • Soldier Systems
  • The electronic content carried or worn by the modern soldier is rapidly increasing. These advances in technology continue to provide the dismounted soldier with combat advantages. In order for the soldier to take advantage of all the technology available, tremendous challenges currently exist in making this equipment light, low power, fast, and easy. ADI provides an array of products to meet these challenges. More...

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