Soldier Systems

Soldier Systems

The electronic content carried or worn by the modern soldier is rapidly increasing. These advances in technology continue to provide the dismounted soldier with combat advantages. In order for the soldier to take advantage of all the technology available, tremendous challenges currently exist in making this equipment light, low power, fast, and easy. ADI provides an array of products to meet these challenges.


Featured Products

  • ADXRS646: High Stability, Low Noise Vibration Rejecting Yaw Rate Gyro
  • ADXL337: Small, Low Power, 3-Axis ±3 g Accelerometer
  • ADXL193: Single-Axis, High-g, iMEMS® Accelerometers
Battery Management
  • ADP5065: Fast Charge Battery Management with Power Path and USB Compatibility
Linear Regulators Switching Regulators
  • ADP2325: Dual 5 A, 20 V Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
  • ADP2164: 6.5V, 4 A, High Efficiency, Step-Down, DC-to-DC Regulator
All Inertial Sensors
All RF Products
All Power Management
All Audio/Video

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Circuits From the Lab

Enhanced Vision Solutions

Application Notes
  • AN-0978: Component Processor Nonstandard Video Formats (pdf)
  • AN-205: Video Formats and Required Load Terminations (pdf)
  • AN-213: Low Cost, Two-Chip, Voltage -Controlled Amplifier and Video Switch (pdf)
  • AN-214: Ground Rules for High Speed Circuits (pdf)
  • AN-297: Test Video A/D Converters Under Dynamic Conditions (pdf)
  • AN-333: Design and Layout of a Video Graphics System for Reduced EMI (pdf)
  • AN-336A: Image Compression - Spelling Out the Options (pdf)
  • AN-342: Analog Signal-Handling for High Speed and Accuracy (pdf)
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Aerospace and Defense Enhanced Vision

Inertial Sensor Solutions

Application Notes:
  • AN-378: Reducing the Average Power Consumption of Accelerometers (pdf)
  • AN-385: Wide Temp. Range, Ultralow Drift Accelerometers Using Low Cost Crystal Ovens (pdf)
  • AN-601: Minimizing Power Consumption of iMEMS® Accelerometers (pdf)
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