Analog Devices is committed to the establishment and continuous improvement of world class systems and processes aimed at satisfying our customers' evolving packaging needs. We focus on technology, quality, export compliance, reliability, service, and costs in order to make innovative solutions available to our customers. Analog Devices is committed to meeting the packaging needs of our customers with advancements including Enhanced Products (Products available with temperature ratings of -40 to +105 and -55 to +125C. ), Die sales, NiPdAu lead finish products, and MIL-STD-883 devices.

Enhanced Products

ADI is committed to releasing new EP devices in key product areas in support of the Military and Aerospace. ADI will continue to convert legacy devices to EP packaging. Targeted devices will be chosen based on use across multiple Mil/Aero customers.

ADI will modify new design processes so that core silicon in key technologies will be EP viable.

Die from the EP process will be qualified over the military temperature range. Products available with temperature ratings of -40 to +105C and -55 to +125C.

Lead Finishes will be NiPdAu by default or with SnPb for some packages.

Our EP devices will have separate Data Sheets.

Controlled Manufacturing Baseline including one assembly site, one test site, one fab site.


Available Products List (pdf)

NiPdAu Strategy

Some Military and Aerospace applications require an alternate solution to matte Sn for leadframe packages. NiPdAu leadframe packages are required at times without the need for Military temperature range and the full EP characterization . We currently have over 600 devices available in NiPdAu leadframes. These are primarily commercial temp range. We will continue to release devices in NiPdAu in technology areas that are key to our Military and Aerospace customers.

NiPdAu eliminates concern with Sn whisker as compared with Sn plating. It removes plating and post plating bake operations at assembly site leading to shorter cycle time. It is assembled with low halogen/ halogen free RoHS compliant materials.

NiPdAu is a standard leadframe with a 3-layer plating stackup. The entire leadframe is pre-plated by the leadframe vendor. To view an illustration showing the cross-section of the plating stackups use the link provided below.

Die Sales

We understand the need of our customers to purchase bare die for some applications. We do sell bare die currently and intend on continuing our efforts in this space with supplying Known Good die, which is die that is tested over full specifications of the data sheet. If you have an interest in other products being made available in die form, please contact your local ADI representative.

Military Products

Analog Devices has served military and aerospace customers for three decades by leveraging the latest technology, manufacturing capability and product mix for advanced and critical aerospace and military applications. Analog Devices currently offer a broad selection of MIL-STD-883 products in full military-class ceramic (QML) packages with extended operating temperature ranges qualified to MIL-PRF-38535.

Export Compliance

ADI is committed to maintaining full compliance with all U.S. and other national government export laws and regulations.

In the U.S., ADI is subject to the U.S.Export Administration Regulations (US EAR) for export and re-export of dual use items (these regulations are administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce). ADI is also subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) for export and re-export of Defense Articles and Defense Services (these regulations are administered by the U.S. State Department). ADI’s ITAR registration number is M-2477.

ADI is also subject to the national government export regulations of all countries we export goods and services from (example: EU export regulations)

ADI has a robust export controls program. We screen all parties on a transaction to determine if we are doing business with sanctioned parties and we screen all transactions for end use.

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