Aerospace & Defense

For over 45 years Analog Devices has been at the forefront of innovation in signal processing for aerospace and defense applications. ADI's commitment to performance and reliability have made ADI a preferred supplier to the Department of Defense and other US and foreign defense agencies around the world. Today's advanced defense systems in radar, communications, avionics, defense electronics and much more demand the best in system level performance. ADI's superior products and system level knowledge will help you overcome the most difficult of design challenges.

  • Radar
  • Today's advanced radar based systems require the highest performing signal processing products to operate at peak performace. ADI enables manufacturers to design, build, test and deploy systems faster with less risk. More...

  • Communications
  • Secure, reliable and clear communications on the battlefield is a vital element to any successful defense strategy. ADI offers a broad array of high performance RF component and system solutions for a variety of military communications applications on the ground and in the air. More...

  • Defense Electronics
  • Defense Electronics is a diverse segment within the defense industry. These mission specific applications drive the need for leading edge technology to protect our soldiers on and away from the theatre of conflict. ADI provides superior technologies suited to better help designers find the critical system design information they need quickly and easily. More..

  • Avionics
  • Today's commercial and military aircraft demand nothing less than the most accurate and reliable avionics equipment. That is why ADIs family of precision based data converters, amplifiers, and MEMS products are the OEMs choice when developing the next generation of guidance and navigation controls and systems. More ...

  • Packaging
  • ADIs commitment to complete satisfaction includes providing customers with the enhanced package types and options they need for their specific applications. This includes EP products for high-temp applications along with die sales, NiPdAu lead finish, and 883B devices. More...

  • Space
  • From the rigors of space flight to radiation and extreme temperatures, there is no environment harsher than space. That is why it is vital to select the highest performing and most robust IC components available. ADI offers the industries most reliable and performance driven products. More ...

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